Episode 22: Caitlin vs. Shannon

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This week there is a lack of regular hosts, but two great guests!...and Shannon.

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Show Notes

This week we have americnxidiot and michellephants as our awesome guests. And Shannon as our other guest.

Craptastic News as done by Caitlin!
- The Eddies and the Bellie Awards. Accepting nominations June 8-24.
- The Indie TwiFic Awards. Accepting nominations June 16-23.
- The Twilight Body Swapping Contest Submission deadline August 13.
- Nominations for the 'You're never too young to start writing' Ends July 1st.
- The Essence of Charlie Swan One-Shot Challenge. Submission deadline July 2, 2009.
- The Pirate Talking Twilight Contest. Submission deadline June 12, 2009.
- The Age of Edward Contest. Submission deadline July 15, 2009.
- The Sparkle and Snark-Full Twilight Humor Contest. Submission deadline is July 19, 2009.

Listener Emails
-How to get involved in fandom
-...Some news that Caitlin missed...
-Blind sided in a good way?
-Hating in the Twilight Community

Banners and Art
-Why are banners so popular?
-Are they a good thing or a bad thing
-...some more news...
-Our New Contest!!!

Main Discusiion - One-shots vs. Multichapter fics
-Which do we prefer to write/read?
-Why do we differenctiate between them so much?
-What one shots do we like?

Music Game Thingy!
-Draco and Harry by The Whomping Willows
-If I had A Million Dollars by the Barenaked Ladies
-Smooth by Santana
-Dragostea Din Tea by O-Zone

Stories Mentioned this Week
-Return to Sender by Melissa228
-Creature of Habit by angel
-The Red Line by Winndsinger
-Must Have Been Love by wtvoc
-Bella Swan: Kidnapper by Kambria Rain
-A Murmer of Fire in the Veins by ElleCC
-Sanctuary by jfly
-Earthquake by jfly
-Boundless by Emibella
-The Soul Feels its Worth by poppyand peony
-wayfaring by gallantcorkscrews
-The Perfect Name by hit-the-duckies
-The Epic Adventures of Virtue Boy by the Maiden Amorisa
-The Price is Right by Princess Bertha
-Poughkeepsie by Mrs.theking
-Scotch, Gin, and the New Girl by wtvoc and jandco
-Medication by mojopen
-The Artist in the Ambulance by 4theluvofmary
-Captive Hearts by breathless (the Epic Roswell Fic)
-One Day Out West by fuzzytomato
-Lucky Charm by Profmom72

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Pastiche Pen Says :
June 24, 2009 at 5:15 AM

Hahahaahaah! Okay, I'm still laughing at the title.

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