Episode 14: Reunion....then Seperation

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After quite a delay (I'm sorry...) episode fourteen is here. And it brings you a reunion of the four main hosts!

Again, we are on our new hosts now, so please let us know if the episode isn't showing up in our iTunes feed.

Also, I might have missed some stories we mentioned this week. Let me know if this is the case.

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Show Notes

All four of us!


  • You're Never too Young to Write
  • Our contest is closed (..this information is just a little old)
  • Our new Youtube channel!
Listener emails

  • If you know of any stories where Bella chooses Jake at the end of Eclipse but then gets back together with Edward, please leave them in the comments.
MC Sparkles makes a return!

Main Discussion - Smut in Fanfiction

  • Why do we read it?
  • Why do we write it?
  • Can a story be popular without it?
What are we reading this week?


Stories Mentioned this Episode

18 Responses to "Episode 14: Reunion....then Seperation"

mialuvtwilight Says :
April 29, 2009 at 3:50 PM

yay, a new episode, i can't wait to listen, but of course life calls, but i'm looking forward to it!

Dori Says :
April 29, 2009 at 4:40 PM

Awesome podcast, guys. I really enjoyed listening to that. And I ask for your forgiveness in advance if anything sounds weird. I just took a vicodin and I'm kind of out of it.

I guess I'll start first with the smut discussion. Smut is insanely popular and, yet, whenever I read it , I'm left thinking it was a waste of my time. Not all smut, of course, but a lot of it is the same old same old that you see in every fic or it's purposely outrageous for shock value. Both get tiring after a while.

You guys are so right about stories being different when reading over a few months and when reading straight through and some stories are geared those ways purposely. I know I've read more than a few that were aimed purely to please the readers at the time the chapter was written and not to further or support the original plot or foundation of the story. I really don't like that. I mean, it's good for a one time read, but for new readers or for those who may have wanted to read the story over, it's almost like torture. Maybe that's a little strong, but the vicodin is making me cranky so I'll say what I'd like.

Purely smut stories do not appeal to me. I need the emotional connection and I also need a plot with a clear arch. I'm actually writing a story right now that would be classified as a smutfic, and when I started, yeah, it was for the sex. But as I wrote and developed the characters, I just couldn't leave the story the way it was with all the sex and now it's got actual merit. It kind of makes me mad because I started it as a way to just write smut and get it out of my system so I could write my other stories with a clear head, but now it has potential to be a good story and the OCD in me needs to write it out. I have like 18 freaking stories, dude. My mind is going to explode.

But I'm definitely following your guys' example and not posting ANYTHING until it's finished after I'm done with my current WiP. I just can't hack the constant pressure to update. It makes me crazy.

It made me so happy that you guys mentioned my post about Deafward on the twilighted forums. I felt all special ^_^ But, seriously, A World Without Sound seriously started my Deafward mania. I love him and although I've tried to find more of him, nothing comes even close. I think I've read AWWS about five times now. And before, I couldn't review because my comp was a jerk but I sent him in to get fixed and now he's nice to me so I will read again and review this time around.

Danielle... That rap is f-ing phenominal!!! I can't believe you're getting a deal. That is SO awesome! I wish you all the best. Onto the topic of said rap, I'm all good with reviews that say great chapter, but I've gotten some non-descriptive one word reviews that don't have any puntuation, so you have no clue if the person is blah, excited or confused based on their one word. I can take negative or pushy reviews, but the ones that I don't know what the person was thinking make me go bonkers. I mean, when you put "really" in a review with nothing else and no puctuation, are you asking me a question? Agreeing with me? Outraged my my very existence? I don't know because there's not puncuation!!! <-- Three exclaimation points means I'm mad. It'a not that hard.

Finally, I left a comment on the mini-ep about a couple of things that I would like answered. I don't know if you guys check that after it's been up for a while so I thought I'd reiterate. There's been a lot of uproar over the B&W issue and I'd really like to know your thoughts... and the flames thing. And one more question, you always talk about the email. Am I missing something? I looked for an email address all over the page and I think I may be blind or dumb because I don't see it. Can you help a girl out? Thanks so much, And it really was an awesome show.


Cyartia (C-R-T-A) Says :
April 29, 2009 at 11:19 PM

Thanks very much for the YNTYTW mention... but we've actually decided to move back the voting to May 21st. Voting now starts on May 23rd. =]

Anonymous Says :
April 30, 2009 at 8:26 AM

The Epic Recommendation Link in the Newbie Resource Center isn't working

Caitlin Says :
April 30, 2009 at 11:08 AM

Thanks for bringing it to our attention, it has been fixed.

mialuvtwilight Says :
April 30, 2009 at 11:46 AM

it was great to have you guys back, i missed listening and cracking up! it was very fun adn yeah i totally agree that smut is insanely popular, and that i do wish that there would be more simple romance/drama are they going to get together and their lives kind of fic. great episode, guys!

Christine Says :
April 30, 2009 at 11:50 AM

Dori, we don't actually post our email address on the page, but we say it at the end of each episode. (At least, I think we still say it...)

Anyhoo, it's temptationtwilight@gmail.com. You're welcome to email us with whatever you want.

Caitlin Says :
April 30, 2009 at 1:18 PM

Christine, don't lie. Our email is totally in the side bar under "the host" section...it is pretty small though. Maybe I should do soemthing about that.

But still, don't lie.

Dori (xsecretxkeeperx) Says :
April 30, 2009 at 3:25 PM

lol, thanks guys. I can't recall if you do or not. I don't think I remember you mentioning it, but then again, I could just be completely oblivious.

Christine Says :
April 30, 2009 at 9:12 PM

I didn't lie. Our email address really isn't on the page anywhere. It says you can 'email us here' but there's no address.

See? Didn't lie.

Caitlin Says :
May 1, 2009 at 12:41 AM

Are you telling me that you don't think our listeners are intelligent enough to know that that will give them our email address??


Shame on you, Christine, Shame.

Christine Says :
May 1, 2009 at 8:02 AM

Caitlin, shush it.

I think our listeners are intelligent, but finding a little line of text when you're scanning for something resembling an email address can be frustrating at times.

That's all I'm saying.

And you're ON NOTICE, missy. Don't think you can bring shame on me without some sort of punishment.

Anonymous Says :
May 1, 2009 at 2:48 PM

Can't wait to listen to the show. I have a two-and a half hour car drive tomorrow and i'm trying to stop myself from listening right now so i have something to do tomorrow.

Cyartia (ff.net) Says :
May 4, 2009 at 3:39 AM

I was just listening to the part of the podcast where you talk about smut and the twilight fan-dom. The problem is that the adults are complaining that teens read there smutty fanfiction when it's unsuitable for them.. but I think that is going a little far as Twilight is a YA book for YA's.

If the adults don't want YA to read there smutty fanfiction, then post it in an adults fandom and not a YA one!

(No offence is intended.. this is purely my own opinion)

Caitlin Says :
May 4, 2009 at 7:19 PM

I pretty much agree. I mean, I can see being a weirded out by it, but they must know that (a) the fandom is aimed at teenage girls and (b) the activities of other people's children online is not their responsibility.

On the flip side though, I do think adult writings (or anything) should be properly marked and such so that everyone knows what they are getting into. It isn't fun to be a 13 year old and stumble across a fic with a threesome that is little more than rape...and yes I speak from experience...:shudder:

Lisa Says :
May 5, 2009 at 10:02 PM

i really enjoy listening to this podcast. i was wondering what the link is for the thread on twilighted about the different types of Edward's.

Anonymous Says :
June 9, 2009 at 5:30 AM

i've only listened to a few of your podcasts but i really liked them. i was wondering if you could recommend a good Jasper& Bella fic. ? i mean, im all for Team Edward in the book but fanfiction is exactly that.fiction right?it doesn't need to connect to the book...ish.if i had my way Jacob Black would have been some nonexistent Quilete person that marries Leah. =) (no offense)

Anonymous Says :
November 24, 2009 at 12:16 AM

getting itchy in the west coast woods?
stinging nettles!

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