Twilight Gift Exchange and an exciting announcement!

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I completely forgot to put something in the news. We will definately have it next week but I thought I'd make a post about here.

The Twilight Gift Exchange, from what I understand, is a happy place one can go to, where you sign up to write or create something from an anonymous prompt that is given to you. In return your prompt is anonymously given to someone else for them the create something for you. At the end, when everyone has completed their creations, we all share and enjoy the amazing results.

The Awesome GinnyW has set up a community here and I highly suggest you check it out. Not only do you get to enjoy something tailor made from your prompt, but (again, from what I understand) you get to see everyone else's as well.

For rules, and a much more in depth explanation with people who are absolutely sure they've not misunderstood the whole thing (even though its been explained to them twice now...) visit the community. Here's the link again:

The Twilight Gift Exchange


As mentioned on episode seven, limona and withthevampsofcourse will be joing us for episode eight to announce the nomines of the Eddie and Bellie Awards. We are also planning to interview them about Hiding in Plain...uh...ahem...I mean, we're hosting a very professional interview about the Awards and what led to their inception. Yep. Very professional.

So, tune in for the ultimate scoop!


What? I mean about the nominees...not, you know, that other thing.

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Christine Says :
February 13, 2009 at 6:36 PM

Subtle, Caitlin.

Way to post our secret plan for everyone to see.

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