Ustream Fail, How I Hate Thee

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So... who remembers that time when we said we were going to have this live episode and then record it so others could listen to it later?

Well, if you were there for the epic failure known as our first live episode attempt, you know what I'm about to say. If you weren't, I'm sorry in advance.

We didn't record it. Actually, we could only get Claire and me on the 'air' for the announcements.

The winners will be posted on the Eddies and Bellies site soon, so don't fret if you didn't hear who won. (I'll give you a hint, though. 'Wide Awake' is a very popular story.)

However, we are going to put together the recordings that we (the co-hosts) did of each other's stories for you guys to enjoy at home. Then we'll put up a poll on this page, asking you to vote on your favorite recording. This is separate from the reader audio fanfiction contest we're running. It's just kind of a fun little thing we did because we didn't want to be left out.

Other contests happening around the Twilight fandom:

- The Not Your Typical Holiday One Shot Challenge, rules on Hopeful Wager's profile page

- Twi-Con's Edward and Bella's Happily Ever After Fanfiction Contest, rules on

- Claim a prompt on the LGBT Fest! There are several Twilight ones still available.

- The Make It Count (Under 1K) Contest, rules on Bethaboo and TheEdwardEmmett's profiles

- Nominate your favorite Bella/Jacob fanfic and art, rules on LJ's sortofbeautiful J/B community

- The Lion and Lamb Fanfiction Awards, rules on the website - Nominees now being accepted

As for any future live episodes, I think we're going to do a little more research and find a better site for what we need. Sorry Ustream, but you're just not the right fit for us.

No, don't cry. That's not very dignified.

Wow, this is uncomfortable...

Oh, okay. We'll keep the page, but I don't think we'll use it, unless we decide to one day do a video cast. No promises, though.

Sorry again to everyone who showed up and to those who missed it, thinking they would get the results later. We humbly apologize and concede the fact that, while we're still hard core awesome, without Caitlin, technology tends to fail for us.

So it's all Caitlin's fault for not being there. (Hah!)

2 Responses to "Ustream Fail, How I Hate Thee"

miztrezboo80 Says :
March 10, 2009 at 8:36 AM

So unfair.. I totally forgot the time difference between you all and me down under so I missed it.. but it looks like I really didn't miss that much? lol
Will be waiting anxiously on who won what!

and Yes.. Wide Awake.. very VERY popular.. and on LJ looks even better!

caffeineaddict13 Says :
March 10, 2009 at 10:19 AM

Can't wait to hear you guys read your stories. By the way, the last episode was epic.

Um, so speaking of contests...

We're holding nominations for a Jacob/Bella fanfiction contest down at sortofbeautiful (there's about a million categories, including some like best alternate pairing, best use of humans, etc.). Link's here:

Looking forward to the next ep!

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