Audio Fanfiction Contest - The Nominees

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The file is done and uploaded to the feed!

You can get it from iTunes here
Or download it directly here

A big thank you goes out to all of our contestants for not letting this just be a funny idea that Claire and I had. You all did great, and I'm excited to see what everyone thinks.

The entries are as follows and please make sure to vote on the side bar!

Entry 1: Kayla reading Tropic of Virgo by
Entry 2: Hopeful Wager reading Innocent, Vigilant, Ordinary by Oxymoronic8
Entry 3: Macjunkie reading Across the Ocean by Annilaia
Entry 4: Melissa reading Because You Loved Me by kananaka (Ignore that I also called this entry 3)
Entry 5: Hopeful Wager reading Twice as Long as Yesterday by Hopeful Wager
Entry 6: despairinginside reading libri cruor by lady.lucks
Entry 7: KaitLynne reading Family Therapy Cullen Style by vjgm
Entry 8: Vampires Don't Sleep reading Creature of Habit by edwardzukorocks (angel)
Entry 9: XxBlue-Eyed-BellaxX reading If Every Word I Said Could Make you Laugh by carmelinagunn
Entry 10: faerie_kitten reading Last of my Kind by faerie kitten
Entry 11: Jaxidy Alpha reading The Real Reason James Went After Bella by wickedlovely
Entry 12: faerie_kitten reading Austen's Twilight by Jaxidy Alpha

12 Responses to "Audio Fanfiction Contest - The Nominees"

Bec Says :
April 13, 2009 at 1:30 PM

Hi, would really like to vote for this but can't see where I am supposed to do it, please help!

faerie_kitten Says :
April 13, 2009 at 1:31 PM

where can I vote? I cant seem to see the thing on the side at all?
Tho I did like desparinginsides entry (but thats cos I'm married to him and get to hear that voice all the time)
and can I vote for more than one? cos I cant decide between blue eyed bell and jax, tho little jax was so cute trying to read at the end.
also, one little tiny thing, you spelled my name wrong :( its faerie not faery, but never mind :)
loved listening to the entries though.

Tempation Staff Says :
April 13, 2009 at 3:49 PM

Okay, fixed the links so you can now go to the story and read along, if you so choose. And added the poll. It was being... troublesome before, so hopefully all the bugs have been worked out.

Sorry for the lateness and confusion.

Jax Says :
April 13, 2009 at 8:33 PM

*shakes head* What was I thinking?

These are really fun to listen to. Nice job everyone!

XxBlue-Eyed-BellaxX Says :
April 14, 2009 at 3:40 AM

These were fun to listen to

I'm struggling to decide who to vote for, I have narrowed it down to three, so hopefully I'll be able to vote soon!

It really is odd listening to your own voice on an ipod (or whatever you listen to the podcast on)!

KayRad816 Says :
April 15, 2009 at 12:09 AM

Haha. This contest is great. I'm glad I decided to do this, although it is weird hearing a recording of my voice.

Everyone's entries were great! Good luck to everyone else that entered, and thanks to the people who voted for me! I appreciate it.


Farah Says :
April 16, 2009 at 10:13 AM

hey guys, i have a huge problem. I am looking for this fanfic and i can't find it. I m hoping that you will be able to help me. Ok, so the fic is basically about edward and bella in which edward is a Literature teacher and he also runs a Literary Magazine. Bella is his student who is, I think, the magazine'seditor. anyways, bella likes edward and edward reciprocates that feeling, yet none of them express it to each other since its against the rules to be involved with a teacher/student. Bella has told Alice that she likes him and they both refer to edward as romeo. Alos, the edward bella relationship is vey casual, in fact edward has asked bella to call him edward, instead of mr.cullen. anyway when this het a little' out of hand' Edward pretends to be mad at Bella and tells her to call him Mr.cullen and stop being so casual. Bella is shocked by his manner and quits the Magazine and runs off into the woods where she gets injured, so edward, emmet alice and jasper(alice and jasper are together)search for her and take her to the hospital where edward apologizes for acting so rudely and lies that it was due to the fact that someone had passed away in his family. Also there is a girl Lauren in Edward's class and she makes up a rumor that edwrad and bella are sleeping together. (thats not true) , so edward has to get both of them out of this mess and he wants to get a lawyer to plead his case. He has a sister Rosalie who left him and became a lawyer and they both never talked, now they bridge this gap through a phone call during which both apologize. anyways, edward tells the principal that the rumors are untrue and both bella and edward are let off the hook. also, i"m not sure but i think that edward makes a plan to visit rosalie who lives in a hot with her fiance james. coincidentally bella is also there with alice and jasper , however the two don't talk. then i dont remeber for sure but james almost rapes bella, but edward stops him and bella is taken to the hospital, .I think this is where the story left off, but the thing is i really want to read it so please help me.
P.S I dont read fanfic unless its recc'ed on your blog in the stories of the week or its is on the TLYDF blog, i dont think i read this one from TLYDF, so it might be on your blog. Help me Thanks!!

Vicki-Michelle Says :
April 16, 2009 at 3:36 PM

Hey guys,
I have been listening since day one but I have never commented - oops! Anyway so I remember a couple of episodes back one of your listener emails was asking if you guys knew of any well written third person perspective fics. I just found/read a totally amazing one. Its called 'This Warm Rush' by myrevelate and chasethelights.

The summary is:
AU-Edward never returned to Carlisle, his "rebellious years" stretching into decades. Bella is in Seattle, avoiding a dance and buying books. But she's a danger magnet, and ends up attracting something she never expected.

But, this summary does not do it justice. It is completely Darkward (in every sense) and whilst you are reading you are actually kind of scared but endeared to him at the same time. Total mind-f**k.

I first saw it rec'd on PPSS.

Jax Says :
April 20, 2009 at 9:42 AM

Wow! So many votes and a close race! Good job guys!

Anonymous Says :
April 20, 2009 at 12:19 PM

I haven't been able to figure out how to vote. Could someone point me in the right direction? I have been able to click on the links to iTunes and the stories, but not sure how to get to the voting screen. Thanks!

Christine Says :
April 20, 2009 at 7:14 PM

It's in the sidebar to the right. Just select your favorite entry and then click 'vote'. It'll pop up with the number of votes per entry so far. You can change your vote before we take it down, if you wish.

Hope that helps.

Anonymous Says :
April 21, 2009 at 1:32 PM

Hi Farah. the story you are asking aobut is called Lessons in Forbidden Love by xSecretkKeeperx. It is on Twilighted and has a forum page. Hope this helps.

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