The Collection of 'Welcome, Rob' Letters

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I finally got all the letters sent to me put together and posted it on my livejournal. It's not exactly the prettiest thing right now because I don't know html that well, but the important thing is that it's up and you can read it.


(Link is also to the left, in the Newbie Resource Center.)

If you want to add something (maybe something that wasn't said?) you can leave it in the comments section. But please keep it PG-13.

Thanks to jvegas for starting this all and to everyone who participated.


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Marie Says :
April 29, 2009 at 2:23 PM

These letters are amazing! It makes me giggle to think he might be reading them. makes me giggle just to think about him...but that's beside the point.
I had great fun reading and just want to add this little bit:

Dear Robert,
if you're ever in Germany and need somebody to show you around, I'll be glad to help!
Love, Marie

Now that that is said all that's left is this:
I love you ladies almost as much as Rob!
You made me swear off the drugs and comment. <3

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