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Hey all! Danielle here.

Now, you would all be listening to this instead of having to read about it, but as the podcast is delayed for now...(see post below)...then that's not happening, and I want to give you guys time to think about it and plan.

Alright, I don't know if anyone has ever heard of Invisible Children, but it's a documentary, an organization, and a crisis in Africa. It's the issue of child soldiers in regions such as Uganda and Sudan, being forced to fight in a war that's been raging for 20 years over there, under the terror of Joseph Kony, who's the main man behind all the atrocities.

Invisible Children was started by three guys who went to Africa during a summer break in college I believe, and ended up being so moved and affected by the situation that they saw with their own eyes that they decided to do what they could to help resolve it. They made documentaries to increase awareness, and the main 50-minute documentary is one that you can watch online, and it will explain it to you far better than I ever can (and help motivate you to participate far better than I ever could either.)

Watch Here

So now you might be asking, Wait Danielle...participate in what?

Ahahaha! Excellent question my friends.

This Saturday, in thousands of cities, in 10 different countries, Invisible Children will be hosting it's THIRD rally since it's founding. You can learn what exactly that will entail here: The Rescue Plan

These rallies are important, and more than that, EFFECTIVE. Yes, believe or not, we can actually make a difference; it's true!

In the first rally held by them in 2006, they were able to gather enough support and write enough letters to our respective governments that night commuting - a ritual that children in the conflict areas of Africa had to do EVERY SINGLE NIGHT in order to keep themselves safe from abduction by Kony - was put to an end because our government's FINALLY stepped in.

In the second rally held by them in 2007, The United States finally elected an official negotiator/ambassador in charge of this problem directly, and truly that has made all the difference. I also can't explain to you what a big accomplishment that is, but believe me, it is one.

What's going to happen at this third rally? Well, that's up to us to decide. Our support and our sheer numbers are what makes a difference. That's what tells our governments to get their focus on this crisis. It's what alerts people in general to this conflict that hardly anybody knows about but has been raging for TWENTY years. That's ridiculous. This needs to come to an end.

So this Saturday, go to a rally near you and help save the Invisible Children.

Go here for more information about the problem in general, and to also sign up and learn what location sites are near to you: Invisible Children

Oh, if anybody's going to the one in Orlando in Florida, email me at my First Person to Know Alert address and maybe we can meet up! =D

I hope everyone participates! This is a good organization, an excellent cause, and who doesn't want to change the world a little?

- Danielle

3 Responses to "PSA ALERT: Invisible Children"

Anonymous Says :
April 22, 2009 at 7:42 PM

I learned about Invisible Children through Veronica Mars, it's an amazing organization.

Caitlin Says :
April 22, 2009 at 8:18 PM

Veronica Mars is an amazing show.

Anonymous Says :
April 22, 2009 at 9:09 PM

Agreed, VMars ftw! Cool that you're going to the Orlando one; I really want to go to that one too but I have a final the next day and so idk, we'll see. IC is such a great organization though, glad you're spreading the word!

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