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'Sup guys!

I'm here checking in from an unnervingly sunny London to remind/inform/harrass y'all about the September Support Stacie Auction

Basically, the Support Stacie Auction is an awesome panfandom fundraiser where the good and great of fanfic authors come together to try and raise money for a woman called Stacie who suffers from ovarian and breast cancer:

In March 2007, Stacie Holeman, known as truelovepooh in fandom and on LJ, was diagnosed with breast cancer and ovarian cancer. Because she was within the 90-day enrollment period of her new medical insurance, Stacie has been forced to join the ranks of millions of uninsured Americans. (read the rest)

The Way It Works
Author X pledges to write a fanfic of Y number of words and put it up for auction. Readers bid for it. The reader with the highest bid is then allowed to produce a list of specifications for the fic, which the author has to comply to. The end product: A totally personalised fanfic for the highest bidder by one of their favourite authors and lots of money raised for charity.

It works like any auction- you only pay if your bid wins. In other words, if you part with your hard earned cash you can be safe in the knowledge that not only are you helping an excellent cause, but you'll also receive an excellent piece of fanfiction as a reward! A pretty win/win situation, I think you'll agree!

If you're still not convinced:

More Information
Stacie's blog
Auction FAQ
List of Twilight Authors participating <------CHECK THIS OUT!!! There are so many big names! (scroll down to the bottom past the other fandoms)
I know this might all seem a bit surreal. It might feel odd to think about donating money to somebody you've never met, merely based on the words of other people you've never met, but I urge you to look past that and attempt to make a contribution, however small. It all goes to a fantastic, reputable, above-board cause, and if you win you get a piece of quality fanfiction in return for your money!

So whether you've always wanted withthevampsofcourse and jandco to write something especially for YOU, or would sell your soul for a little bit more from the creator of Priestward, the auctions are there to meet your wildest fanfic desires! Go along NOW and check them out!

much love

Claire xxx

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